How discover the SEO service your business need

What SEO Service Does Your Business Need? How to Find Out

One great benefit of an SEO service is its long-term benefit. As the traffic from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising ends the moment you stop paying, SEO traffic persists for a long time if done right.

Despite SEO being a very relevant digital marketing component to explore, it is very important to know which kind of SEO service your business needs at a particular stage in your marketing journey. This will not only save you money, but it will also help guide your measurement of results.

What are SEO services, or search engine optimization services?

SEO services, or search engine optimization services, are those SEO white-hat strategies or techniques that can be applied to get a website or online content to become visible or rank at the top of search result pages of search engines like Google or Bing.

The aim of SEO services is to get a website or web content to appear on top of the search results pages when relevant keywords are searched without having to pay to influence the occurrence.

Types of SEO Services 

There are several kinds of services an SEO service provider can render to contribute to the improvement of the visibility or ranking of a website or webpage. These services can be performed as an individual offer or as a combined package offer. These types of services include:

  1. On-page SEO: This is the process of optimizing single web pages to improve their search visibility. This optimization may include, but is not limited to, structuring the content heading, URL, adding alt text to images, crafting a good meta description, and adding internal and external links to a page.
  2. Technical SEO: The technical SEO service ensures that the website being optimized is crawlable and easily understood by search engines. Tasks that come under technical SEO services include and are not limited to improving website loading speed, implementing structured data, generating and optimizing sitemaps, improving UX, ensuring mobile friendliness, and fixing broken links.
  3. Off-Page SEO: This service involves quality backlink building and outside-the-website efforts that improve the website’s authority.
  4. Penalty Recovery: Penalty recovery SEO services are for websites hit by search engine penalties. It may be the result of violating search policies and guidelines. This service helps the business identify the issues and resolve them in order to maintain its ranking.
  5. Keyword Research and Analysis: This service involves, but is not limited to, identifying relevant keywords searchers use, their intent, search volume, and clustering them to generate content in the topic area. Sometimes, SEO agencies offer this service along with content development.
  6. Local SEO: This service focuses on optimizing a website to be more visible in search results that have local intent. The main aim is to make your website show up when a customer is searching for your business in your area.  It also includes and is not limited to optimizing for directory listings like Google My Business or creating local citations.
  7. Global SEO: Global SEO, or international SEO, focuses on optimizing websites to target international audiences and increase their visibility among people of different cultures and languages.This service involves implementing Hreflang tags, content localization, deciding whether to use a country code domain or subdomain, and geotargeting.
  8. E-Commerce SEO: This involves optimizing online store product descriptions,user reviews, handling duplicate content, and optimizing category pages to make the store visible and rank at the top of SERPs.
  9. SEO Analytics and Reporting: This helps provide insight into the effectiveness of SEO strategies and suggests the need for adjustments.

How much does an SEO service cost?

SEO services cost a few hundred to thousand dollars per month, depending on the scope of the service being provided, industry competitiveness, website size, and the level of expertise of the service provider.

Different SEO service providers also have different models of pricing; some charge an hourly rate, while others charge monthly retainer or project-based fees.

Based on popular opinion, the average cost of an hourly SEO service is between $75 and $100. The monthly retainer rate is between $500 and $1500 per month. A project-based rate may cost between $2500 and $5000 per project.

Many believe that using SEO to generate traffic is far cheaper than using PPC advertisements to do the same, but the fact is that SEO is cheaper than PPC advertising only when it is done in the right way.

Is paying for SEO services really worth it?

Therefore, paying for an SEO service is a worthwhile thing to do. This is because it leads to a tangible result over time. All you have to do is be realistic in your expectations and consistent in implementing a working strategy.

SEO service

How to Discover the SEO Service Your Business Need

Below are some tips to help you choose the right SEO service for your business:

  1. Get clear on your marketing goals. Prior to collaborating with an SEO agency, it’s critical to be clear about your goals. What are you hoping to accomplish with SEO?
    Do you want more people to visit your website?

    Do you want to boost the search engine rating of your website? Or make sales or generate leads? Or
    Do you want to improve the authority of your website? Or make it more crawlable or user-friendly?

    Are you intending to reach a more local audience? Or are you targeting a global audience?
    Is your website traffic decreasing?

    Also, paying attention to where your customers are in your marketing funnel will help guide your choice of SEO service. For instance, if your business is new and most of your customers are aware of your marketing funnel, then an SEO service that can help you improve impressions and views should be at the top of your list of needs.

  2. Identify the SEO Service You Need: Once you identify what you want or what your goal is, the next step is to identify the SEO service that can help you achieve those goals.You can read through different SEO services and the solutions they provide to see which one suits your needs. If you cannot do this on your own, you can collaborate with an SEO service provider to design a strategy to attain your goals.

  3. Get Everything Documented: As soon as you’ve decided on working with an SEO agency, make sure to get everything in writing. That should have information on the cost, the services the business will offer, and the time frame for realizing your objectives. This helps you reduce the likelihood of future misunderstandings and disputes.

  4. Monitor Your Results: After you begin working with the SEO agency, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your outcomes. This will enable you to determine whether the effort is accomplishing your objectives and to ensure that you are receiving a good return on your investment.

  5. Have realistic expectations: You are not going to get to the top of the Google search results page because few changes have been made to your website. Sometimes, it might take up to six months before you can see any reasonable results from your SEO effort. On some occasions, it might take less time, but you should understand that SEO requires long-term effort and not a quick-fix strategy.

In summary, to find out what SEO service your business needs, you will have to first identify your marketing goals and the SEO service that will help you achieve them. Then document your service agreement with the SEO service provider and monitor the results.

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