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How to Avoid Google Algorithm Update Worries – Five Best SEO Tips

Algorithm update is one thing most SEO professionals dread. This is because every update comes as either a blessing for some, or  a penalty for others. It is a blessing to those that will experience traffic boost and a penalty to those that will experience a decline.

To every SEO professional, algorithm updates should always be a blessing. This is because it gives traffic to those that deserve it and  helps in fishing out those gaming the system and are ranking higher than they deserve.

One mistake most SEO professionals make is optimizing to only satisfy algorithm updates and fulfill ranking factors. And they quickly forget the fact that the main goal of SEO is to produce valuable, comprehensible and easily accessible content for the users and search bots.

New SEO content strategy to Survive Search Generative Experience-SGE

New SEO Content Strategy to Survive SGE and Algorithm Updates

We are in a new era of search. For that very reason,  businesses need a new SEO content strategy to survive the generative AI disruption coming. Websites are going to be losing traffic and there will be a revenue drop for website content creators.

Generative AI will make content creation easier and in turn increase content availability. This means competition for website traffic will increase as well. Also with the recent Google announcement of Search Generative Experience which is already in its experimental stage, there will be a decline in website link clicks on search engine results pages (SERP).